Asefat Al-Dababat

Become the best tank commander in the world! Build your empire, and command battalions of the most deadly tanks ever created, and fight an epic war with your friends to dominate the battlefield. Create alliances and climb military ranks in a constant struggle for power. Equip your tanks with powerful equipment and assign battle hardened officers to blitz your way into victory.

Arms race

Constantly upgrade your tank empire to gain access to powerful technologies and tanks, manufacture tank hunters to overpower normal tanks, mobile artillery vehicles to break enemy formations, rocket vehicles to bombard a whole battalion at once, get rare Special Forces tanks with exclusive buffs that benefit your entire battalion or uncover the weaknesses of the enemy. Your strategy will decide your fate!

Events & Challenges

Participate in Alliance vs. Alliance events, be the King of your server in fast-paced elimination style tournament, fight the World Boss – Hydra, a massive piece of machinery that needs the collaboration of all players to take down, complete daily challenges and reap awesome rewards.
The storm is coming, are you ready commander?