Nida Harb 3

The third installment of the highly popular Nida Harb franchise, Command a massive military base and grow your economy to fuel the production of devastating tanks in a quest for world domination!

Modern Combat

Unleash your tactical brilliance, Build tank destroyers to counter a force of MBTs (main battle tanks), siege your foes using long range artillery tanks, defend your base by manufacturing anti-tank mines and ballistic missiles, upgrade your tanks with turbine engines, high caliber turret guns, sloping armor and improved treads to gain the upper hand in decisive battles!

The Nuclear option!

Gather your allies and amass massive armies to march on nuclear facilities left after the war, battle other commanders for control of nuclear bases and be declared emperor, gather fame and fortune and unlimited power in the form of Nuclear strikes to deter your enemies from challenging you, and if diplomacy fails, to annihilate them completely!