Press-Release Nov.2013 Nida Harb 2

Babil Games hitting Top-10 ranks on iOS App Store

Babil Games LLC, the Dubai and Amman based game publisher and expert localizer in MENA region on both on-line and mobile platforms announces the successful launch of Nida Harb II, the first Arabic iOS Strategy-Action game with AAA quality.

The game app was launched in November on iOS, and reached 80’000 downloads within the first three weeks, in addition to climbing the top 10 action-strategy charts in 16 countries and landing the no.1 spot in 4 countries in the app store. The Android version of Nida Harb II is scheduled for release early 2014.

Babil Games is IP-owner of the Arabic version of Nida HarbII, developed by China based Game developer RaySNS.

The success of Nida Harb II on mobile follows the title’s success of the web-version which has become the number one Arabic strategy game in MENA region on Facebook, ranked within the Top 5 of “best reviewed games” on Facebook. In addition Babil Games is co-publisher of the Arabic version of Pool Live Tour, the No. 1 online pool game on Facebook, developed by Geewa Inc..


About the company

Babil Games was founded in 2012 and is acting as a bridge that connects international games developers and over 160 million mobile and online users throughout the Arabic world. The company is partnering with developers from around the world who intend to enter the youngest, but also fastest growing mobile- and online-games market worldwide by localizing in Arabic and publishing mobile and web-based games titles and thus making them relevant to the MENA audience, thereby increasing reach and monetization.

Today, one year after its foundation Babil Games is one of the fastest growing games localization and publishing company in MENA, running 1 mobile and 2 facebook titles with a total of over 4.2 million monthly active users.


Mohammad Fahmi, Founder and CEO

Hubertus Thonhauser, co-Founder

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