Babil Games is proud to announce the release of it’s newest mobile title “Moghamrat Al-Abtal” available on both iOS and Android

Moghamarat Al-Abtal is a fast-paced 2D-scrolling action adventure game set in a beautifully drawn fantasy world, where players lead a team of unique heroes in order to overcome challenges and vanquish evil solo or with friends.

With over 30 unique heroes to choose from, hard-hitting warriors, defensive tanks, archers, mages and healers each with their own special skills and ultimate moves. The players choose teams of 3 heroes to embark on a wide range of adventures.

Complete over 100+ levels in campaign mode for loot and items, or embark on a nautical journey searching for treasure and overcoming pirates, or challenge the dreaded Magic tower with its unlimited floors filled with hordes of enemies to compete for a place on the leaderboards.

In unity there is strength! invite your friends and join forces to defeat powerful bosses in co-op, compete in the Arena against other player’s teams, or cross borders into new lands and conquer a territory for your own, while keeping a patrol of heroes to defend against other player’s trying to take over your territory, from alliances with your friends and work together to upgrade your alliance and help each other out.

Upgrade your heroes and their equipment, acquire legendary gear and upgrade skills and ultimate moves to have the best team in the world! In “Moghamrat Al-Abtal” the adventure never ends!

MJ Fahmi, CEO of BabilGames comments

“We are excited to launch “Moghamrat Al-Abtal” in MENA, We always challenge ourselves to bring new experiences to the Arabic gamer, and we hope players will enjoy the game as much as we have”