Sira’a Al-Molook is an engrossing MMO-RTS (Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game) set in a beautiful Medieval Fantasy world, where players build mighty kingdoms, raise armies, and face off against each other in epic battles on a global scale.

To be a successful monarch, players need to shift their focus seamlessly between internal base-building and external military operations. A stable economy requires the building and upgrading of farms, saw mills, quarries and steel furnaces. While building armies requires military barracks, archer ranges, stables and siege equipment factories. In addition, various technologies are available for research in the university helping to ensure both economic and military superiority.

However, outside of the kingdom’s mighty walls is where players engage in epic battles, form powerful alliances and launch massive call-to-arms campaigns where entire alliances unite to take down the mightiest of foes, battle monsters, gather & control resources and build temporary outposts to spread their influence. With a huge world map full of both dangers and spoils, only a tactical mind will emerge victorious.

Sira’a Al-Molook is a deep strategy game bursting at the seams with features and engaging content that will appeal to fans of strategy games and large-scale competitive play.

MJ Fahmi:

“Sira’a Al-Molook is one of our biggest strategy releases to date in MENA region, it is absolutely full of features and provides a richness of content that makes for a deeply satisfying experience to fans of the strategy genre, who make up for a large portion of our dedicated player base.”