Babil Games Attends Gamescom 2022 With Stillfront Group

Babil Games, part of Stillfront Group, attended Gamescom 2022 the world’s largest games event in Cologne, Germany.

It was great to finally meet everyone in person after having all the meetings and events online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our team had a great time connecting with the other gaming studios, networking, and exchanging knowledge about the gaming industry.

About Babil Games:

Babil Games, part of Stillfront Group, is a top-tier mobile games publisher in the MENA region, based in Dubai and Amman. Babil Games helps international developers successfully navigate different global markets, with a focus on the MENA region: one of the world’s fastest-growing games markets. Through creatively localizing art and content, it brings gamers culture-adapted, high-quality free-to-play games—best known for the Nida Harb series and Strike of Nations.