When you celebrate, we rejoice. And when you grieve, we support. 

2020 has been a year filled with several global events and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for many of us! The emotional rollercoaster we’ve gone through is enough to make us all go to pieces!  

Some events brought us to tears, while others made us smile from ear-to-ear. And in light of this, The Babil Games team has taken up the initiative to be there for its players through, for players all over the world.

For the good moments, we celebrate with our players and add to their joy through in-game assets, pack offers and entertainment, as well as social media competitions, giveaways, and engaging posts. 

As for the hard times, we support our players by offering them in-game base protection and emotional support through social media and community engagement.

Below are some examples, from several occasions in 2019 and 2020, on how we connected with our players.


The sudden explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2020, was a horrific tragedy for everyone, especially those residing in Lebanon. Apart from sharing our sorrows on social media, we have sent a gift code to all the players in Lebanon, for base protection and survival, while they may be off during such a time where gameplay would not be a priority. 


With the rise of the unexpected global pandemic, we’ve sent an in-game MSG to provide preventative methods and tips to avoid this virus, alongside some items that would increase game enjoyment during the quarantine period.


In light of the political situation in Iraq in 2019, and the effect it had on the telecommunication/ internet infrastructure and the players’ performance, we supported our players residing in Iraq, by sending them a gift code for base protection and survival.


Due to this day’s importance for our large player base in KSA in the game: Nida Harb 3 (NH3), The Babil Games team created a campaign that increased engagement & satisfaction and strengthened the community. On the week of this occasion, we held several activities such as new packs and skins offers in the game, as well as competitions and giveaways on social media.

About Babil Games:
Babil Games, part of Stillfront Group, is a top-tier mobile games publisher in the MENA region that is based in Dubai and Amman. Babil Games helps international developers to successfully navigate different global markets, with a focus on the MENA region: one of the world’s fastest-growing games markets. It brings gamers culture-adapted, and high-quality free-to-play games through creatively localizing art and content. Best known for the Nida Harb series and The Grand Frontier

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