Babil Games UAE is delighted to announce its advancement on its internship program in its Amman, Jordan branch. Their last three interns Sara, Abdullah, and Oussama, from different universities and educational backgrounds, have had a unique, informative and awesome experience doing their internship with Babil Games’ art department.

Working with Babil’s art department, the interns learned several aspects of game development, animations, camera movement, video editing, composition, scene set up, and using Visual Studio and Unreal Engine.

Babil’s Internship Program offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience in the gaming industry as they work on real-game projects and actual challenges. It also offers them professional experience in offices; working and communicating with other colleagues and team members, and handling real-life situations, as well as learning from experts in their field.

This program differentiates itself from others based on the nature of work the interns do, how at home they feel, and how much they benefit from their internship experience. The departments with internships are: Art & Design, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, PR & Communications, and Information Technology.

When hiring interns, Babil Games looks for passionate, dedicated, hard-working, open-minded, and flexible students who want to learn more about the gaming industry, and delve deeper into the technical and practical aspect of their studies.

Let the interns tell you more about their experience in the video below. 

To learn more about Babil Games Internship Program and to apply to it, visit our internship page

About Babil Games:
Babil Games, part of Stillfront Group, is a top-tier mobile games publisher in the MENA region that is based in Dubai and Amman. Babil Games helps international developers to successfully navigate different global markets, with a focus on the MENA region: one of the world’s fastest-growing games markets. It brings gamers culture-adapted, and high-quality free-to-play games through creatively localizing art and content. Best known for the Nida Harb series and The Grand Frontier

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