Al Mamalakh TV filmed and published a report about Babil Games’ work culture and environment, after being certified as the first Great Place To Work in Jordan by the International Great Place to Work®.

The report included an interview with Babil Games’ CEO, MJ Fahmi, and its HR Manager, Farah Bazlamit. Where they shared with Al Mamlakah TV how the Great Place To Work certificate is, and how we got certified based on what criteria and the process we followed that included an anonymous employee survey.

The management at Babil Games believes that in order for the employee to perform well and excel at what they do, first, they need to have their basic needs covered, such as a good salary, social security, and medical insurance. And furthermore, they need the space and comfort to do what they love at the workplace, which in turn, keeps their creative fluids running. Some fun activities Babil Games employees do: music jamming and singing sessions, PlayStation gaming challenges, green screen recordings for fun, and random drawing breaks.

One of the most important criteria we needed to have in order to be eligible for the certification was the ratio of the workplace compared to the number of employees, as well as the empowerment of women in the workforce and having no discrimoination based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, or disability.

Thank you again, Al Mamlakah TV for this great report that shed light on Babil Games and what makes it stand out in the Jordanian scene.

About Babil Games:
Babil Games, part of Stillfront Group, is a top-tier mobile games publisher in the MENA region that is based in Dubai and Amman. Babil Games helps international developers to successfully navigate different global markets, with a focus on the MENA region: one of the world’s fastest-growing games markets. It brings gamers culture-adapted, and high-quality free-to-play games through creatively localizing art and content. Best known for the Nida Harb series and The Grand Frontier

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